Case Studies

Meridian Property Appraisal

Statistical Analysis Tool for Real Estate Data

Our client required an online application that would import several million records of data to be presented in a statistical format using data grids and pie and bar charts.


  • System must perform calculations and report on millions of records with high speed.
  • Results/Reporting to allow user direct linking to relational data.
  • Capability for web application to run Online or Offline for portable presentation.
  • Reporting data exportable to multiple file formats (Excel, CSV, PDF).


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Office Charting Tools for Reporting
  • Telerik ASP.NET UI Controls
  • Client-side scripting


For rapid deployment and optimal processing speed, we used .Net with SQL Server on the back-end with optimized stored procedures and indexes. A Microsoft graphing application was used for a clean professional look and Telerik controls for high-end functionality and extensibility, including easy preference setting of download and other features. Search criteria for source data also included Region wide searches, such as Zip Code, County, State, or Latitude/Longitude searching.